Exciting news! Some of my jewelry will be on display and available for purchase at In the Flow Studios! You can still shop my Etsy store, but if you are in the area, be sure to stop by the studio to check it out in person! 


In the Flow Studios

11951 Valley View St.

Garden Grove, CA

About my Crystal Discovery Journal


Over the years that I have been actively involving crystals in my life (we’re talking 20+ years!), I have recorded information in all sorts of ways, but not until recently did I think to create a journal that would pull all of my information in one place. A place where I could organize the information most relevant to me, and keep it in a way that was most useful for the way my mind works.

My Crystal Discovery Journal does just that! I created this journal so that anyone could use it and so that you could identify and record relevant information for you and organize it in your own way