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Stuff for the Home

The Crooked Door       Handmade goods

The Gypsy Witch Collective    Subscription Box/monthly

Blackfoot Stones & Minerals  Stones and Minerals

Blessed Beeswax Candles       Handmade Candles

Heathen Moon       Ritual and divination tools

Gray Vervain   Eclectic, vintage, and handmade magical home goods

Sleepy Girl Crochet     Crochet goods

Eye and Wild Photo Captures   Photographs

Turtle Moon    Oracle Cards and more 

Little Bits Enchantments         Handmade flower fairies

Becs Crafts      Bowl cozies- keep hands cool and food hot

Saz Skullduggery         Custom made skulls and other pretty things

Cotton Reel Crafts      Handmade gifts and crafts

Exploring Tangents     Digital stickers and planner covers

Safire Art         Clay and gemstone sculptures, jewelry, wands, etc

Slash of Blue   Ceramic Art

The Woo Shop    All things woo

Peculiarity Products   Oracle and greeting cards

Angioletti Designs       Quirky and customizable teacups, plates, and more

The Glass Coffin          Antiques and oddities 

Whimsy Advents        DIY advent tree kits

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